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    Frequently Asked Questions

    If you can’t find the answer to your question on our website, please email or message us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (@barycatlitter)
    On the item you wish to order, you can sign up for an email notification when back in stock.
    This can be dependent on the habits of each cat, however, the litter contains everything needed to prevent tracking. BaryCat has excellent absorption capacity, absorbing water up to 4-5 times its volume this prevents the litter from sticking to your cats paws and tracking around the house. Customers whose cats have previously tracked the litter have said getting a tray with a lid on it and a little mat in front of the tray has made a difference.
    No, our fragrances are 100% natural mainly being sourced from flowers. They are fairly subtle and only there to mask the smell of the business in the tray.
    You cannot flush it, however it is 100% natural and environmentally friendly so it is perfectly fine to dispose of in the general waste.
    Our litter is made from 100% natural and environmentally friendly calcium bentonite. Unfortunately, it is not biodegradable. You can learn more about the litter here,
    All of our litters are clumping, they range from super to ultra-clumping.