Litter Robots – worth the money?

Litter Robots – worth the money?

There are many gadgets and gizmos out there that claim to make your life easier, when it comes to pets some of them can be more hassle than they’re worth. One thing that a lot of customers ask us about is Litter Robots. Things have come a long way that you can now have a helpful robotic hand to empty your cats business, sounds like a dream come true!

We have searched the internet to find out a little more about Litter Robots and whether they are worth the money.

Are they suitable for multi cat households?

Litter Robots are essentially self-cleaning litter trays, after each visit they will clean out which aims to reduce bad odours and smells as the dirty litter is not sat there for long. They are great for multi-cat households and will reduce the amount of time you spend clearing out and topping up your trays.

Do they need to be connected to the internet?

Litter Robots are seriously clever, you can connect them to your WIFI and it will give you notifications when there’s any action in your tray, or when it needs emptying. It is also super safe, with sensitive sensors it can tell when there is a cat in the tray so will not run an emptying cycle but will wait for him/her to jump out again! So you won’t need to worry about your little one getting hurt during the automations.

What litter needs to be used for the Litter Robots?

You will need to use clumping cat litter for the litter robots, when the cycle runs and the litter is filtered the clumps will need to be gathered, so non-clumping litter won’t work! All of our litters are suitable for Litter Robots, some of our customers who have one say BaryCat works great. In particular, the W180 and grey series as these have the finest granules, ideal for the filters in the Litter Robot.

We don’t claim to be Litter Robot experts, there’s tons of info online to help you with your decision if you’re considering one. We found this article from Three Chatty Cats to be super helpful, check it out here –